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How to extend the life of your clothes

How to extend the life of your clothes
Here are some tips on preserving your clothes! Ways to make the wash easier on the clothes, and increase the number of wears one can get between washes. [3 minutes]

Reduce the wear of washing

1. Wash clothes in laundry nets

Mesh laundry nets stop socks getting lost - they're all in a bag - and shield clothes from most of the friction-wear of laundering.

2. Choose the delicate wash cycle

The delicate cycle causes the least heat and friction damage. If animal fibers such as wool thermals are in the wash, use a non-bio detergent since the enzymes of bio detergents eat the proteins. Wool jumpers of course wash by hand with wool detergent.

3. Dry clothes on an airing rack

Air-drying causes less wear than tumble drying. The tumble-dried sheets and towels have visible wear over time.

Get more wears per wash

4. Air clothes on a rail after use

Airing worn clothes on a rail allows odors to disperse. One can cycle between shirts, with worn shirts airing on the rail instead of retaining odors in the wardrobe.

5. Air clothes outdoors

If otherwise clean pants or jackets fail the sniff test say due to spending the evening in a bar or restaurant, airing them outside for a day or two likely restores them without washing. Winter coats go years without dry-cleaning if aired properly.

6. Keep shoes on a shoe rack

Using a shoe rack keeps the smells of the city near the door instead of in the wardrobe, and helps keep the floor clean.

7. Shower in the evening

By showering in the evening the bed sheets can go 3 or even 4 weeks before feeling like they need a change. Showering in the morning, expect to wash the sheets every week.

Bonus tip: Down Jackets

Down jackets can be washed once a year after the cold season, with down detergent on a woolen cycle, then dried flat on an airing rack. To remove clumps from the down, follow with a 20-minute delicate-cycle tumble dry with tennis balls.


What do you think of these ways of making clothes last longer? Less wear from washing, more wears between washes. If you disagree or have more tips, comment below.

P.S. check out my my advice for removing smoke smells from waterproof jackets and decluttering your home with the outbox method.


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