Getting smoke smell out of a waterproof jacket

In case anyone is interested, my waterproof jacket was infused with campfire smoke from the Cape Point overnight trail last weekend, and this is how I got the smell out.

The jacket uses "Vapour-Tex" breathable waterproofing, similar to Gore-Tex, so I couldn't clean it with normal detergents.  I washed it with a non-detergent liquid cleaner (Nikwax Tech Wash), since normal detergents contain particles that can between the fibers of the jacket's durable water repellant (DWR) coating and impede its performance.

I hand-washed wash the garment in a basin filled with "hand-hot" water using a capful of the wash liquid.  By "Hand-hot", I mean I could use my bare hands without getting burnt.  It soaked for about an hour.  After that even the water smells of smoke.

The bottle instructed rinsing the garment three times.  I used hand-hot water for all three rinses.  I did not soak on the first rinse, soaked it for 15 minutes on the second rinse, and 8+ hours on the third rinse.

After the final rinse the jacket smelled faintly of smoke, and I considered hanging it out.  However, smoke particles get between the fluorocarbon fibres of the DWR layer, so I wanted it out entirely.

So, I washed it again in hand-hot water, soaking it for 8+ hours.  Then I did the triple rinse again.   After all of that, there was no perceptible smell of smoke on the jacket.  It had been soaking wet for about 36 hours.

I hung the jacket out for a few hours to drip-dry and sprayed it with Nikwax TX Direct to maintain the durable water repellant layer.  I wiped off excess after a few minutes and left the garment to dry properly.

Finally, I used heat to restore the DWR layer.  The usual recommendation is tumble-drying on low or medium, or ironing with a towel in-between (risky).  I used a hair-dryer in lieu of a tumble dryer, seems to work.

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