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Cutting down on clutter with the Outbox Method

We are only human, descendants of Homo Habilis the tool user, and we get emotionally attached to our tools and memorabilia, loath to discard anything that has use or value or recalls memories.  In time this causes clutter as we acquire more durable goods than we donate, recycle or discard.  When I chose to move from Cape Town to Ireland, I also desired to strip away clutter and start afresh with only things I would actually use, plus a few sentimental or beautiful items.  In the process, I've refined a trivially simple but effective method to cut down clutter and prevent accumulation sometimes called the Outbox Method.

Taking notes in a notebook made from trees

A few weeks ago I started a new job that calls for a lot of training, and I chose to take notes using a dead-tree notebook instead of a notebook computer (gasp!).  The notebook itself was conference swag dating from 2011, and happened to be a a Moleskine Ruled Soft Notebook Large (13x21cm, 192 pages). I have since grown fond of it and finished the last page today. Yesterday I bought another despite the disturbingly high price per page (on Amazon it's about 30% less and still pricey).