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Review and summary of "The Blue Zones"

The book is titled "The Blue Zones: Lessons for living longer from the people who've lived the
longest" by Dan Buettner.  The big idea is that some parts of the world have significantly more people living to 100 years old than the global average, so let's see what's different or notable about how them and their ways of living, because maybe there's something to learn from them.  There's a smattering of input from scientists at the beginning and end of the book, but the bulk of the content is personal observations, anecdotes from centenarians, and travelogue of Buettner's "Blue Zone Quest".

Warning: "look at the successful people" is a common approach popularised by the "get rich" sub-genre of self-help books. But what the approach finds is possibly-spurious correlations.  For example, Dan observed that several centenarians are fond of an evening glass of red wine , or port, or saki - but it is a massive jump from observin…