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MemSQL's recipe for a SQL database that's as fast as memcached

This post summarises the points I found interesting in the longer High Scalability post entitled "MemSQL Architecture - The Fast (MVCC, InMem, LockFree, CodeGen) And Familiar (SQL)" that gives an overview of the architecture of MemSQL, which is a SQL database reinvented for 21st-century hardware.  MemSQL's developers claim it to be the fastest database in the world, or at least so fast that you won't benefit from memcached, thus simplifying your app architecture.

A comparison of file synchronisation software

This is my biased comparison of the following free software for local file
synchronisation: FreeFileSync, SyncToy, Create Synchronicity, cwRsync, WinRoboCopy, Unison, DirSyncPro and Synkron.

TL;DR: FreeFileSync is the best of the bunch, especially for two-way sync.

Given uncapped internet and money to spare, Dropbox would be an excellent all-round solution that puts your files on every computer you use and keeps them all in sync, and lets you recover deleted files.    I also use Google Drive for for document storage: word processing, spreadsheets and PDFs.   However, for those of us with multiple computers, need for backups, and caps on our home internet connection, there remains a requirement for offline software to synchronise camera photos, videos and other large files.