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Powering the future

I'm concerned about the potential for anthropogenicclimate change to irrevocably damage
ecosystems and biodiversity, and cause a lot of human suffering.  I'm also excited about the potential of new technology to mitigate the damage by reducing carbon emissions.

I found myself thinking about the technologies I've read about that could help, and below I've collected some of my favourites that, in my amateur opinion, have the potential to greatly reduce carbon emission in residences, commerce and wheeled-transport.

Energy Efficiency
Greater efficiency can reduce the building of new coal power, as well as make it more feasible to supply residences and commerce from wind and solar resources.
Replacing residential and commercial incandescent and halogen lamps with LED lamps & computer-controlled timing.   LEDs go one better than fluorescent.Replacing street lamps with dimmable LED street lights.  Traffic lights already under way.Replacing residential and commercial elect…