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Calculating the true cost of car ownership

In December 2008 I bought my 2004 model-year, 80000km Ford Fiesta 1.6i Ambiente for R72,800, freshly serviced. It now has 99,100km on the clock and went in early for the 100,000km service due to a fault that will yet cost me a couple grand more to get fixed properly.

Here are the costs so far. Maintenance includes the service, two front tyres and wheel alignment, a battery, car washing, and a couple of random repairs.

Reducing 3G data consumption when tethered

My new place doesn't have ADSL yet, so I tethered my 3G iPhone to the computer. As a result, this post is about ways to make the computer sip bandwidth instead of guzzle it, and the changing break-even price between 3G and ADSL in South Africa.