Sleep better by staying offline in the evening

My sleep cycle continually drifts later: a spiral of going to sleep later, waking up later, feeling worse,
starting to crave coffee, staying at work later, coming home later, working later on the computer... going to sleep later.

After I've been away hiking for a week, I come back and sleep well - because for a week I've been going to bed at sunset, waking up at sunrise and exercising the whole day.  But, once back at work, the cycle begins again.

I think a major cause of the late bed-times and insomnia is using the computer in the evening: email, IM, browsing - damn you digg and reddit - and my pet projects, tasks and goals that I work on after-hours, often till after 11pm.  And even if I'm off by 10pm, I simply cannot fall asleep diving from the computer onto the bed - even reading a few chapters of a book first.  Sometimes falling asleep takes hours.  I sometimes go out with friends during the week, but then I usually fall asleep quickly.

So, my new idea is to  do all my home computer tasks early in the evening as the first thing when I get home from work.  Once I'm tired, around 8pm, I'll shut it down, shower, have dinner, and spend the rest of the evening relaxing - TV, dead-tree books, and scribbling notes on paper, and go to bed as soon as I'm relaxed and bored.

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