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Back up Windows server with cwRsync and rsnapshot

Here is how to backup data from Windows servers to a Linux backup server using  rsync.  Specifically using cwRsync server (a Cygwin + rsync package) running on the Windows server, and rsnapshot running on the Linux backup server.  This was tested with rsync 3.0.7 and rsnapshot 1.3.1 on Linux (CentOS 5.4), and cwRsync 4.0.4 (includes rsync 3.0.7) on Windows (Server 2008).

Cheap Phone: The Vodafone 135

This weekend I bought a Vodafone 135 for ZAR 179 (24 USD).  The Feb 2009 press release for the 135 had this to say:

The Vodafone 135 is a candy bar style mobile designed to make mobile communications affordable in developing markets thanks to a short two line black and white display suitable for calls and texts. Its design makes it the most affordable phone of its kind on the market. It will be available in the summer in black in developing markets on pre-pay.