The 2004 Fiesta and the loose plastic door bits

The 2004 Ford Fiesta has black plastic strips glued on between the front and back door.   Twice now,
a plastic strip has come loose and begun to vibrate when driving on the highway, sounding like its about to fall off. I have personally glued the strips back down with contact adhesive and test them from time to time to check if they are coming loose again.

After googling it, I believe this is a consistent manufacturing defect: the wrong choice of glue, and a design defect by not securing the strips properly. Also, the plastic grills on the left and right of the Fiesta bumper come out easily. To make it worse, each of these bits of plastic trimming cost a lot: R400 for plastic grill-bit for a bumper, probably R300-400 for the plastic bit for the door.

IOL article about the plastic trimming:

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