Quake 3 Config

The new colleagues brought an after-work tradition of of playing the Quake 3 multiplayer first-person shooter computer game. Unfortunately I sucked at first.  Here were my main problems, and my cool autoexec.cfg that helps with some of them them:

  1. Visibility: can't see through the gibs and shells. It felt like I was playing paintball.
  2. Mouse sensitivity: 8 times the default, jumping all over the place.
  3. Keybindings: annoying trying to change weapons or zoom.
  4. Camouflage: The blue "team" model really stands out. Switched to small brown player models like 'bones/bones'/
  5. Technique: had rocket and railgun wrong, didn't traverse the map properly or look around properly with the mouse.
My Quake 3 autoexec.cfg has the following tweaks:
  • turns off muzzle flash, shells, gun model, gibs/blood for visibility.
  • turns off level music to hear the other players.
  • sets toggles for gun model and HUD to clear distractions.
  • tunes mouse sensitivity just high enough to allow 180-degree flick
  • set up multiple zoom levels
  • turned off bob/roll for slightly steadier crosshair
  • selected the circle + dot crosshair (cross-style can obscure small targets)
  • allow both keyboard and mouse weapon cycling

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