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Bad Python

Update 2012-07-16:  Since this post is still popular 3.5 years later, let me mention that the examples
fall into three general categories of bad practices that really are not specific to Python:

"Bad Python" is often "Old Python": using only the conveniences available in Python before 2.4/2.5. In a fast-moving language, the old ways are often going to look bad."Bad Python" is often "Java Python": Python written in Java idioms. It's poor form to write in one language using the idioms of another."Bad Python" is often "Bad Programming": many of the practices would be poor form in any programming language.

Original Post
I've seen quite a lot of bad Python, even though Python makes the Path of Good Code relatively easier to find than other languages where spaghetti is the result without extra discipline and years of dedicated study of the language on the part of the programmer. Such is the Tao of Perl.

Much bad Python howe…

Quake 3 Config

The new colleagues brought an after-work tradition of of playing the Quake 3 multiplayer first-person shooter computer game. Unfortunately I sucked at first.  Here were my main problems, and my cool autoexec.cfg that helps with some of them them: